Skin therapist recommends ELIXR.PRODUCTS

I found it a nice challenge to develop skin products together with ELIXR, which I can recommend to improve the skin and which I can apply myself in the skin therapy practice. 

I know which ingredients have been used to create the effect of the products and that the products have undergone all the necessary checks.

As a skin therapist, I appreciate this so that I can give my clients an honest opinion about the use of the ELIXR products.

My personal goal during the development of the skin products of ELIXR, was to develop a unique product with high quality and safe ingredients, which significantly improve the appearance of the skin.
In addition, it was also a challenge to come up with something that would make the product more likely to be used by the client, compared to other skin products on the market.

This is how ELIXR came up with the mist. A face & body mist that is easy to use and all day long! The ELIXR mist fits perfectly into the bag to take anywhere and can be used over make up. In addition, the amount of antioxidants in the product can also be used on sunny days.

I work as a skin therapist, and I fly as a flight attendant. This product is great to use during my long flight hours in a dry environment, like an airplane cabin. I myself use the HYDRATE the most, because it contains a large amount of hyalluronic acid and vitamin C. It prevents the skin from drying out and it hydrates and protects the skin because of the high amount of vitamin C it contains. I can also use it all the time! This makes my skin feel soft and supple, without seeing little wrinkles from dehydration.

The SENSITIVE works perfectly to dry, red and sensitive skins. The YOUNG I use when my skin shows some blemishes. All 3 lines of the ELIXR mist line are great for any skin type, but can be used specifically. To date I use the products in practice, for example after a tough laser treatment to soothe the skin and help for speedy recovery. I also often use the YOUNGSTER after acne treatments. The younger target group that comes to my practice find it a very nice product because it is not sticky and feels fresh.

In my opinion, the goal has been achieved to develop an honest and effective product that is suitable for everyone and everywhere.

Would you like advice on the products or try it yourself?
The ELIXR mist is available at my location!