Customer Service


How can I place an order? Or where to buy?

It's simple. Write your message on a letter and tie it to any carrier pigeon. When we receive your order, if... we'll send a messenger on foot your way. Kidding...

Fortunately, our ordering process is a lot simpler than that.

We as a company have decided to use " Points of sale" as the basis of this product line. In the future, we will evaluate whether it is necessary to activate the webshop. Please check "Points of sale" where the products are available.

I did not receive a confirmation email, what now?

Oepssss! Apparently something went wrong there! But don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you! If you're not sure whether your order went through properly, just email or WhatsApp us, and we'll have a look with you!

Do all prices include VAT?

All prices on our website + others Points of sale include VAT.

Is the invoice sent with the package?

No, the invoice will only be sent by email. We do this deliberately to minimize the impact on the environment. Moreover, you do not want the recipient to receive the invoice when you send this as a gift.