Founder and mission of ELIXR.Products


Founder of Elixr.Products

I grew up with a true "Nature Guru", that being my mother. 
As a child, she always knew how to tell me which plants, herbs and flowers were edible and what they were all good for.

From ointments to my own miracle potions, I have seen it all.

And now, in my own way, I am following in her footsteps.

Not in jars or milk bottles though, but in the form of CBD Body mists and Super foods.

The old wisdom + the modern teachings of today in a new jacket.  
And a little HIP too, for young and old, from which we will all benefit enormously.

An addition to a healthy, varied and balanced diet.

The even BETTER mission of ELIXR.

ELXIR. was born out of a desire to literally improve people's lives with the best products. Choosing and buying CBD products that suit you had to be easier and better. Instead of searching your way through search engines on the internet or getting lost in a shop between dozens or even hundreds of products, we wanted clarity for the customer. And not only are our products of the highest quality, we also go for health in our business processes. That means; less use of plastic and more focus on reuse and cooperation with 'green' initiatives.

A long and healthy life.

At ELIXR. we find it important that the food supplements you purchase are of high quality. This is not only good for your health, because you enrich your body and mind, but it is also less damaging to the environment! If we all use as many natural raw materials as possible that are manufactured and transported in an honest way, we can reduce the impact of polluting production processes!

Delivery without worries!

The delivery of packages is unfortunately still linked to CO-2 emissions. Fortunately, our partner PostNL is also working on reducing the impact on our planet. They are working hard to deliver completely emission-free from 2025 in 25 city centers, by using bicycles and electric vehicles. We also participate in green initiatives through Bunq. For every 100 euros that we spend, a tree is planted. How nice is that! Let's all make sure we don't see the wood for the trees anymore!

This will be even BETR!

Less plastic and more efficiency

Our shipping boxes are made of FSC cardboard and are therefore produced as sustainably as possible. We currently ship food supplements in one size of box. As a result, there is sometimes empty space in the box, and if we wanted to use a box for all our products that would fit the supplements perfectly, we would need more different sized boxes. That challenge is still too big at the moment. However, we are testing glass jars that you can put down at home. The refills will then come in letterbox packages made from FSC cardboard.

In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of using no plastic for the packaging of food supplements before the end of 2020. We could really use your help. Do you have recycling tips or a suggestion for reducing our plastic use? Let us know. That makes us happy!

We stand for being honest and transparent. With all our products we make a file where everything is recorded about the product. You can request this from us, so you know exactly what you're getting. Nice, isn't it?

Future plans for ELIXR.

Our biggest challenge is to make our packaging materials more sustainable. Step by step we are trying to make better choices and to eliminate the use of plastic as much as possible. In the coming year we also expect to make steps towards more efficient packaging and more sustainable shipping of our products. In addition, we are working hard to make the raw materials, their manufacture and transportation as sustainable and optimal as possible. We want to eventually achieve 100% organically certified raw materials, storage and transport before the sun goes down.

Help ELIXR. become even BETTER!

Do you also stand for a healthy earth and people? Do you know exactly how we can optimize and green our processes? Become an ELIXR. hero and let us know! ELIXR. heroes are even stronger as a team!

The direct approach on product packaging

We have been looking at the Cosmetics/ Beauty/ Market and among other things product sales for a long time. And what we see more and more is that things are "seduced" or made more beautiful, for example you know the toothpaste commercials before you "I'm not naming names" But what I want to do is clear and transparent "What you see is what you get" No nonsense products therefore I have reinvented the wheel with the body mists, clean and beautiful products for the mists line. We also looked at the many skin types that exist. That's why I chose the 3 variants, the : Youngster, Sensitive and the Hydrate + for the exact ingredients in specific mists please look at the product for detailed text and explanation and to see which one suits your skin type best.