Become an ELIXR. point of sale

Our points of sale are the business cards of the ELIXR brand.

We receive many requests from stores to become points of sale. We look at and evaluate each request individually. The basic rules you must meet in any case to become a point of sale are:

  • You have a physical point of sale that is open at least 4 days / 32 hours per week.
  • Be 100% focused on nutrition, health or a combination thereof.
  • There is no other active point of sale in the vicinity. We do not offer exclusivity to our customers, but do our utmost to spread the sales outlets as well as possible.
  • We look at the location and target group, among other things. Look below to see if there is an outlet near you.
  • If you have multiple locations, each location will be reviewed to see if a dealership is feasible.
  • Online sales are only possible after approval.
  • Online sales through third parties are not allowed.


You can fill out the form below and we will try to review and assess it as soon as possible. Try to fill it out as well as possible and also tell us what kind of store you have.